Where there is food there is sure to be Pacific people. Pasifika has over 50 stalls of all varieties and you will surely be treated to traditional Pacific Island foods or try some of our gourmet curry dishes & Seafood delights.

Pacific Island foods to look out for & tempt your taste buds include Taro,Chop suey,Pork,Fish & other authentic dishes like Takihi from Niue Island,Pok’e from Cook Islands ,Lu’au from Samoa & Hot Hangi from NZ. You will not be disappointed.


From Kapa Haka groups,Hip hop dance crews & a plethora of Polynesian cultural groups all taking centre stage to entertain you. Highlights from Festivals past have seen an increase of Cultural groups wanting to take part in showcasing there culture & wowing the crowds. From the Cook Islands,Tahiti,Hawaii,Tonga,Samoa & Niue all being well represented we’re always on the lookout for other ethnicities to show off there culture.


If your into Polynesian Arts & crafts you will love what’s available to you.
From Jewellery, Paintings, Flax-mats, Ornaments & Polynesian designed Apparel these will surely catch your eye.